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State Pool Tournament

Congratulations to the 2017 State Pool Tournament Winners

L-R: Pool Champion Chris Leppo, Mason Dixon, 2nd place Kenny Hershberger,Somerset County,
3rd place Rob Ranger, Jacks Mountain, Mule, Assistant State Coordinator,
4th place Josh Guthrie, Lawrence County, and 5th place Steve Weyer, Highlanders

Our State Pool Tournament was held this year on February 11, 2017 at the American Legion Post 17 in Dubois PA. Oh what a day it was, all but one district showed up and each of those districts all sent five shooters. Keith “Mule” Muhlbauer, was on top of his game and well organized, along with Joe Dixon, the members of Jefferson County and a host of others that helped keep the day moving smoothly.

Let’s get to what you really want to know before we get on with the day’s events.

1st place went to Chris Leppo of Mason Dixon District 6, 2nd place went to Kenny Hershberger of Somerset County District 3, 3rd place went to Rob Ranger of Jacks Mountain District 5, 4th went to Josh Guthrie of Lawrence County District 2, and 5th place went to Steve Weyer of Highlanders Chapter District 6.

Congratulations to all the winners and maybe even more so congratulations to all the shooters. Everyone was on time, was ready to go when it was their time to shoot, allowing the day to move smoothly.  Most of all, everyone showed a great deal of sportsmanship in the true spirit of the Brother and Sisterhood of the motorcycle community. The trophies this year were outstanding. For me the line of the day was from Josh Guthrie of Lawrence County who walked up to the front table early in the day and said those trophies look great and I am taking one home, I don’t care which one but I want one. Congratulation Josh you got your wish.

The American Legion was great hosts to us, so here is hoping you tipped your bartender well. There was a DJ playing in the main bar and stayed for our enjoyment long after the tournament was over. It was a sunny day of about 45 degrees in February so it made for safe travel. It was nice to see so many ABATE members just come to watch and enjoy a day with friends. Remember these events are not just for those participating they are always for all members just to get out and enjoy the day together.

Finally again, thank you to the members of Jefferson County and anyone else who stepped up to help Mule, and also thanks to ReeTa Zambanini for helping me get the picture of the winners, and grabbing Joe Dixon by the shirt and getting him where Mule needed him after he would wander off. This was a great day for A.B.A.T.E. of PA and one of the best tournaments we had to date. Thank you all.

Do you have what it takes?

Register for the 2018 State Pool Tournament or
just come out to cheer the players on to victory!

2018 Date TBD

DuBois American Legion Post 17
315 Liberty Blvd
Dubois, PA 15801

For more information call Keith Muhlbauer 814-632-3171 or Joe Dixon at

Registration – 10:00 AM - Noon
Tournament begins at 12:00 PM

Click here for Pool Tournament Rules

Each District is permitted 5 shooters to compete in the state tournament and 2 alternates.

A List of District Pool Tournament Winners must be received at the State Office no later than
FEBRUARY 1, 2017.

PO Box 15226
Harrisburg, PA 17105
or email to by
February 1, 2017

*If a name is not on the list the day of the tournament, they will not be able to shoot.  No last minute substitutions.  For more info contact Keith Muhlbauer 814-632-3171 or Joe Dixon at 814-771-7589.

For more information, call Keith Muhlbauer at 814-632-3171 or
Joe Dixon at 814-771-7589.


Off of I-80E take Exit 97(US-219S)
Keep Right, Merge onto US-219S
Turn right onto Liberty Dr (2.7 miles)
Destination will be on your right.


Off of I-80W take Exit 101(PA-255S)
Turn Right unto PA-255S
Turn left onto Liberty Dr (3.2 miles)
Destination will be on your right.


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