Effective June 15, 1992

A surcharge has been tacked onto every ticket written in the Commonwealth since 1989, with the money being used to support the states Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund. The surcharge can range from $30 upwards to as high as $300.

Motorcyclists were forced to pay the extra charge even though they were specifically excluded from receiving any benefits from the fund.

A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania lobbied the State Legislature for relief from this surcharge and in 1992 Governor Robert Casey signed Act 31 into law. Act 31 eliminated the Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund Surcharge on tickets received while riding motorcycles and other related vehicles.

If you receive a ticket while operating your motorcycle and you are charged the surcharge for the CAT Fund, take a copy of this update with you to the office of the District Justice and the surcharge will be removed or refunded.

Modification #59, November 25, 1992

Please remember that Motorcycles, Mopeds, and All Terrain Vehicles are not charged CAT Fund surcharges. Every now and then an officer will include CAT charges on citations involving one of these vehicle types. Consequently, defendants pleading guilty will pay the total amount shown on the citation, which includes a CAT charge.

If you receive such a case, perform the steps to print the defendant a refund check. Send, along with the check, a brief explanation of why they are receiving the refund.

Modification #79, May 21, 1993

Please remember that the CAT surcharge is not to be recovered in traffic cases which involve the following vehicle -types: "ATV" (all terrain vehicles), "MOPD (mopeds), and "MC" (motorcycles). This change went into effect on June 15, 1992.
At that time, the District Justice System was modified, so that if one of these vehicle types was selected, the CAT fund field would not appear on the Charge Entry screen or the Final Charges and Fines screen.

It has been brought to our attention, however, that some offices are still collecting, the CAT surcharge in these cases. This can be prevented by making sure that you enter the correct vehicle type on the Traffic Case Entry screen. It this information is, not available on the citation, please ask the officer to provide it. If you have further questions about this, please refer to Modifications #35 and #59, which outlined the change in the law and how it was to be handled, or contact the Help Desk.

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