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Between the Lines November 2017 issue

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The calendar says November and that means that riding season is slowly coming to an end. But our OSAL teams should be getting busier. The months of September and October were very busy for several chapters and the OSAL program. Overall without all the reports in, we probably presented to about 500 students.

Speaking of the OSAL program, with the help of the Drivers Education teacher Kaila Voglesong at New Oxford High School, we now have a power point presentation almost ready for distribution to all our presenters. Adam Gill, Mike Bretzman and myself have been fine tuning it and will be ready to roll it out for everyone to use. This presentation is much more fluid, many more visual things for the students to look at, and easier for the presenter to use. Please do not be afraid to step up and try this thing. It is going to make it easier to give the presentation. I was scared too. But after two times, I was ready to roll. Adam Gill did his cold turkey at an assembly type presentation. What I need from you is a Google email address from you. So that I can forward it to you. You in turn will forward it to the teachers at the schools. When you arrive at the schools it will be ready for you to present.

Included in the new power point are several short clips of various points we stress. Many pictures and vey pertinent facts for the students to look at instead of listening to us ramble on. It keeps their attention much better than the old way.

Also at the Grand Board Meeting in September I had the wrist bands given to us by PennDot for distribution to the students. They should only be given to students who will wear them or give them to a parent to wear. You may also give them to each teacher. You can obtain those by contacting the State Office, telling Popcorn how many you would like. Please only ask for the amount you will need. Each of you know how many students you usually have each semester. If you run out ask for more. We need to make sure we are not just handing them out willy-nilly. When I have secured a permanent supply of the them, we will be more lenient handing them out.

That’s about it for this month, don’t forget I am only one phone call away. If you need anything  don’t hesitate to give either myself, Adam Gill or Mike Bretzmen an call for help.

 I hope to have a video available on the state web site by the time you get this, to use to show to potential schools etc. Just a short clip show what the program is all about.

Look Twice Save A Life.