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Between the Lines July 2017 issue

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Greetings everyone. By the time you read this we will be home from Hazen and ready to enjoy our summer riding weather.

The OSAL program throughout the state has been booming. At least two new chapters have submitted reports. And many of our older ones have increased the number of schools and presentations they have done. I am so proud of the direction we are headed; you people have stepped up and taken this program and have gotten the word out.

I am presently entering the numbers for the 2017 period in my computer. If my estimates are correct, we will easily exceed last year, as we have the fall semesters to present yet. Every teachers’ evaluation I received so far for every chapter has been a glowing report, you all are doing a great job. Keep up the good work kudos for everyone. I am not sure I have all the reports back into me yet. Please make sure if you presented at a school, that the teacher sends in your evaluation. These are very important to the program, as I will be able to see where we need improvement. Also, you need to send in your presentation report as well, so I can match them with the evaluations forms. The one item that I am seeing more and more of on the teacher evaluations is that they would like to see more hands-on activities and demonstrations for the students. I will be working with some ideas and will relay them to everyone. If you have something along those lines that you want to try, please contact me and we will try to make it work. So, let’s put our collective thinking caps on and see what we can come up with.

At the Board meeting in May I asked all districts to name an OSAL director for their district. Please encourage your district reps to do so. This move will make communications a lot easier.

For the fall semesters, I am currently working on a power point version of the script. When it is tried and proofed, I will have it uploaded to the state web site. If you choose to make your own power point feel free to do so. Some guidelines to follow should be visuals, by that I mean picture relevant to the subject matter. Keep it informative and please don’t let it get boring. I also have scheduled with our paparazzi, Sonja Mauck, to prepare a video for use on rainy and cold days when we can’t take the bikes to the schools. It will be a short video to explain the lights, controls, turn signals, and brake lights on our rides. When they are ready I will get them to the State Office for distribution. Any suggestions for this video, please let me know, as we will be starting on this when I return from a much-needed vacation.

On the PennDot side of things, they have gotten some wrist bands printed for us. Blue Mountain and Mason-Dixon have been trying them, to see if the students like them. I did not get them until the very last class that we presented in May, but my gut feeling is the kids and teachers love them. Also, hopefully before the end of June, we will be having a meeting with PennDot about making a new video for us. It will be like the Washington State “Second Chance”, that we use now. The biggest difference will be that it will be Pennsylvania flavored. I must say I am excited about these new ventures and I believe all of you will like them as well.

Remember by August it will be time to start making contacts with the schools again. So, put your packets together and get them to the schools, personally contact the teachers and let them know that we want to do the program for them.

One issue I hear constantly from prospective presenters is “I’ve never seen an OSAL Presentation done.” I am trying to change that as well. We will either make a video of the program, or figure something out. I am already working for something different at L&L next year. In the meantime, my weekends are extremely busy, but rest assured I will do my best to give you the help you need to learn the program. I will travel reasonable distances during the week to get you started, or I will have another chapter visit you and help. I will get that much done.  In the meantime, have a great summer and come August get busy. “Look Twice – Save A Life”