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Between the Lines January 2018 issue

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Happy New Year, welcome to 2018. Maybe this is the year to get things done. We got several pieces of legislation started early last year as the session began, but then they seemed to grind to a halt at the end of the summer. Maybe if we contact our House of Representatives (HB 74, HB 1239) and our Senators (HB 831) and ask them to please push the bills listed, we just might get somewhere.

As I looked at the holiday season as it flew by, the one thing that stood out to me was all the volunteering done in our local communities. Either raising money for donating or toy runs and gift deliveries, we have put in a lot of hours. To me this is giving the most valuable thing we have, our time. I am very happy and even a little proud to be part of this organization that gives so much to those in need. Thank you.

Now if I can give a shameless plug for the silent and live auctions at the L&L. This is the one event I look forward to more than all the others. Every penny earned goes to BikePAC to further our causes. Without those resources, Charles would have a tough time getting anything accomplished. So, bring nice items if you can. Have plenty of money along with you and let’s make this year an event to remember!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you this year at the L&L.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free