Between the Lines January 2018 issue




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Welcome to 2018!  This is the start of my last twelve articles for the newsletter as I finish out my remaining term as your State Coordinator.  This is a great time for anyone considering running for this position to start really giving it serious thought and effort.  Attending the board meetings all year would be a great idea as well as talking to me to inquire what is involved and expected.  By now, all chapter and district level voting has commenced and in a few weeks I’ll be welcoming some new district reps as well as thanking the returning ones.  I’ll be seeing any new chapter coordinators in March to welcome them but until then, thanks for stepping up.  You are probably reading this newsletter while preparing to attend our L&L and all I can say is thanks to Charles and Popcorn for being so good at planning and executing a great conference and I hope you learn and enjoy.  I’m anticipating a great turn out and looking forward to our new venue.  Here’s to a productive, successful and rewarding 2018.