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MRF April 2019 Update

By Andy Kelly
In Washington,D.C. the MRF is working with people from the American Motorcycle Association, Motorcycle Industry Council and Harley Davidson to start working on issues with Autonomous Vehicles and other safety issues at the Federal level. The four groups have agreed on a basic common framework for our priorities and met with staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to discuss the legislative agenda surrounding Autonomous Vehicles.

Last year the House and Senate had different versions of legislation dealing with Autonomous Vehicles. The Senate version never made it to the floor for a vote while the House version passed in the House but was not considered by the Senate.

The House version did not have any specific wording in the legislation to make sure the technology used for Autonomous Vehicles would detect bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and other road users that may get in the path of an Autonomous Vehicle.

The Senate version did include language that said “detection classification, and response to any circumstance or condition relevant to the dynamic driving task within the operational design domain, including sense of objects, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, other road users, and animals in or crossing the path of travel through the automated driving system.”
A short time after that it was announced that two Democrats and two Republicans introduced H.R 1024 bill. This bill would require the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to revise labeling requirements for fuel pumps that dispense E15.

The MRF worked with like minded groups, with common interests to get this legislation introduced. I hope people are well aware of the fact that E15 will affect any small engine not just motorcycles. This is why the MRF is working with the Marine Retailers Association, National Marine Manufacturers Association, Specialty Equipment Market Association, Briggs and Stratton, American Sportfishing Association, Boats US, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, American Highway Users Alliance and the Snowmobile Industry in hopes of raising awareness about the impact of Ethanol on engines.

This is why it will be very important that when legislation id introduced that we contact our legislators in Washington, D.C. and have them cosponsor it.

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