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MRF March 2019 Update

By Andy Kelly
I am writing this after attending an energizing, 34th Annual, Leadership and Legislative Seminar. A lot of great subjects were discussed at the sessions. Jay Jackson (vice president), attended the Seminar and was one of many great presenters. Jay mostly talked about motorcycle safety and also talked about Profiling and Autonomous Vehicles.

It would be nice, if this year, at the “BIKERS IN THE BELTWAY,” the annual lobbying event, in Washington D.C., that we have a great turnout of people from Pennsylvania. Please make plans to attend the “Bikers in the Beltway,” that is being held on Tuesday, May 21th. If you are thinking about attending it please get an absentee ballot from your County Board of Elections. Reason being, that date is also the Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. Also, if you do plan on coming, please make an appointment, with your Representative ahead of time. I will be making appointments with both our Senators so the more the merrier.

I want to thank everyone who became new members of the MRF at the L&L Seminar this year. If you are not currently a member please think about becoming one. There are a lot of battles coming up on the horizon from E88 (new name for E-15), Autonomous Vehicles, and Profiling, just to name a few. The MRF needs every rider to get involved, both with memberships and also contacting your Representative in Washington D.C. It is very important to support the MRF, in Washington D.C. who are doing everything possible to insure our freedoms of the road. With the safetycrats in D.C. talking about “The Road To Zero” being possible by 2050, and the literature that I have read not mentioning motorcycles, it is a real concern to me and should be a concern to you also. Help support the MRF by becoming a member. You should consider becoming a member before May 20th because the cost of the membership will increase after that date, so take advantage of the present amount.

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