Call ALL radio stations in your area. This includes all AM & FM stations, public & commercial, whether you like the format or not. Many stations give non-profit organizations free time.

Especially contact those stations in your area that have a relationship with motorcyclists. For example - in Philadelphia, there are two radio stations who are fighting-it-out to be the "official radio station" for the annual Motorcyclists Toy Run. Both stations will be very likely to work with us in hope of gaining our favor... it's just up to us to get in touch and ask. REMEMBER, YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING IF YOU DON'T ASK! So ask every radio station for everything possible. Maybe we'll get it all, maybe we'll get a little - but either way, we're more likely to get at least some air time.

Identify yourself as a member of ABATE – a non profit organization.

Ask them if they would please air our PSAs (public service announcements) about May being Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.

Tell them the spots are professionally produced by WTPA radio in Harrisburg. (So they know it’s not just John Doe sending them something from his home computer.)

We have many radio spots available.

We’d appreciate if they would run one or all of the Safety & Awareness spots any time from mid April through all of May and the Year-Round spots, anytime throughout the year.

Stress that we’re a non profit organization.

While you talk on the phone, they can hear the radio PSAs on our website. Email them this link:

If they agree to air the spots...
They can either download the files off the website or give you the email address where the spots should be sent.

Even if they are not sure if they’ll air them – tell them you will send the spots and they can listen and decide once they hear them. Get our foot in the door any way possible!

Another selling point you may include:
Our state website ( now has over 400 visitors EVERY DAY. In return for airing our PSAs, we will give them a public "Thank You!" on our site. If they agree to air our PSAs, invite them to email their logo and we will include it. Send logos to:

You should also ask if they air public service interview shows – and offer one of your members as someone they can interview regarding Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month. If your members are not comfortable speaking to the press, you can set up a phone interview with Charles Umbenhauer, our State Lobbyist. They can contact Charles at the State Office - (717) 731-8955. Again - stress that we’re a non profit organization.